Welcome Josie!

There were days where I could not imagine a month going by without spending time in this space.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, to reconsider, evaluate and reignite the passion. After the book and all that involved I needed to let my passion for this space grow, to find the drive again.   This last month away from the blog, though an unannounced absence allowed me to do just that.  And as I sat here surfing the web for Christmas presents I thought of all the things I should be doing when my fingers found their way to this space.

I have always been a writer.  Not for it to be read or even seen by anyone other than myself.  This written space is sacred to me, whether I choose to publish posts or not.

The last month has been overly eventful as often is the case with life.  First and foremost, we welcome a new furry family member,



Meet Josie.

After Charlie died we decided to step away for dog ownership a while.  In the end of his life Charlie was quite taxing.  We had many constraints on us in order to maintain his good health standing and as he began to decline so to did our quality of life.  After he had passed we decided we would not rush into getting another dog but rather would take out time in finding the right dog when it felt right.

Josie is a rescue.  She was with an organization called Paws United.  Matt and I are avid followers of our dreams, like the realty market before we bought the Dream on Russet, we were obsessively checking and brainstorming our ultimate home.  I had every dog rescue organization followed on IG, FB and was keeping an eye for just the right dog.  Josie’s post (who at the time of adoption was named Philly) stating that she was available for adoption came up on a Thursday.  I had the screen open at the time as the update came through and seeing that beautiful face and reading the write up I knew I had to try for it.  As any good wife would, I tried to contact Matt, for about a minute and when he didn’t pick up I said,

“screw this,”

and I did the application myself.

Yup, folks. I applied and essentially procured the dog without really talking it over with Matt first.  I knew he was onboard with the “right” dog but was this her?  Was this one he even wanted? No clue!

When Matt came home that night I told him about how I had applied for her and he laughed, saying as only he can “Ah well, we will see.”

We waited an entire month with no word.  I genuinely believed that we were not chosen to be her family.  And after an month went by, and our application went in for a different do with a different agency, one Sunday morning we got the call.

We were just having a lazy Sunday, Matt had worked the day before and we were just hanging around the house playing the “I don’t know, what do you want to do,” game.  It would seem that her foster family had a personal “issue” that came up in that months time and they were now ready to look at her adoption.  They said that she was spayed, gentle with kids, great with dogs and cats, well socialized and friendly.  They described her as calm and quiet, having had a pretty rough start in life and had spent at least 40 days at the local pound hoping to be picked up and was not.  The foster family said they were coming to our town to see friends and being that we were their “first choice” were wondering if we would be able to meet with them for a home visit.

And by 3 pm that night, we knew we had our dog.

She came home 3 days later, after hurriedly running around getting our things ready for her we brought her home and it is like she has always been here.  She is the most gentle soul and affectionate beyond belief.  We are a clingy little family and she fits right in, constantly snuggling and looking for a pet.


IMG_0806 IMG_0828lIMG_0801

Lillian is completely besotted with her.  Calls her “my new puppy, Josie.”  It has been nearly been a month since we brought her home and she is still “my new puppy, Josie.”  Luckily Josie is patient and kind.  In the last few weeks I have been watching her trust grow slowly, she is slowly learning to trust that we are safe and love her.  She has a fair few signs that show me she has had maltreatment in her past.

Like being afraid of bathrooms.

Someone locked my puppy in a bathroom.  And probably left her in there for heaven knows how long.


Like the first time I lowered my tone to tell her no, she curled onto her side and submissive peed.

Luckily, in dog world these things don’t last, if you remain present and do not encourage and rather use calm and positivity they follow your lead.  With each day her confidence is growing and we are getting to see the sweet and happy girl she is.



Author: Melissa

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