Unexpected Kindness

There are unexpected kindnesses in this world that stop you in your tracks, make your chest swell and the ground fall from beneath your feet.

Those moments where you swear, you had no idea, just how soft a moment could be.  
My dear friend Eliza gave me a moment such as that on Ava’s Birthday.  She requisitioned an artist to do a tribute sketch for my daughters.  When I saw it in person it took my breath away.  
She told the Artist our story and let her create what she saw fit.  She captured it all so perfectly I am speechless and cannot stop staring at it.
Here are the Artist’s notes:
-One of the meanings of Ava is bird.  The bird represents Spring and hope that after the winter, spring will come again
-The wing is an upside down tear drop
-A for Ava and L for Lillian
-All resting on a branch of the family tree
-Blossoms are pink in representation of Ava’s Eastern Redbud Tree
I have placed the photo on the mantle next to her photo and candle.  I have always felt something was missing from the mantle.  I have bought glass jars and candles, nick knacks and photographs and none of it helped decorate the mantle..something always felt missing. I am so grateful for Eliza’s compassion and kindness in getting this sketch done for us.  It is now a piece of our family’s lore, a tangible piece of my daughters here on this earth.  
Thank you, sweet Eliza.  
Please support and check out Steph’s Etsy page!  Her work is incredible and I know she could do amazing tribute pieces for you as well.