Tuesday Night Confessions

  • I love the cooler evenings like tonight.  Windows are open, breeze blows in through our bedroom window and I sit and write.  I love living in Canada and yes…love winter.
  • I have found a stain stick that removes all stains.  It rocks my world.  It may have made my day today as I somehow managed to get stains I have been trying to get out of Matt’s clothes for years. I may have searched through his cupboard to find any other stained clothes from his old job in Service work and got those stains out too. 
  • I am pretty sure I lived off of cheese croissants during exam times at University and to this day crave them when stressed
  • I miss travelling. I really miss going to the states this time of year.  I miss Chicago deep dish and shopping, Frankenmuth chicken and Panda Watch style news reports. I miss dropping 7 pounds just from walking so much (Matt insists we see EVERYTHING!)   Breakfast snuggled up in a hotel bed, pouring over maps wondering where we will go that day. Sigh, one day. Right?  
  • I miss my pregnancy hair. It was good hair.  I have lost 2/3rd of my hair and it is now regrowing.  It is the only physical attribute of being pregnant that I enjoyed.  Shall we review?  

  • Two lessons (of many) in parenting I learned from my Mom, take time to be silly and dance and read every day.  I can honestly say Lillian and I do just that.
  • I am loving that Lillian has dropped a nap and now we have more time to hang out each day.
  • I know I am missing Ava when I try and sneak her into conversations just to say her name.