This cat and I are not friends today

See this cat?

This cat has decided that when his owner is 36+5 in a high stress, life threatening pregnancy life wasn’t stressful enough.

This cat got up this morning and began to urinate in 20 different spots on my nicely carpetted downstairs floor.

This cat has a urinary infection.

This cat and I are not friends today.

I got up this morning later than usual.  All the hospital time is taking it out of me so I enjoyed an extra half an hour in bed.  I made my coffee and puttered around when I realized Simon had been drinking at his water dish for some time.  It is unlike him to want to drink  A LOT in one sitting. I called him over, he came, rubbed on my leg and went back to drinking.


This, Melissa, was your first clue.

I went downstairs and turned on the laptop.  I enjoyed my toast and listened to the droan of bad morning television.  I see Simon, lying on the stone hearth of the fireplace. Simon never lies on hearth of the fireplace, it is too cold when it is not lit.  He hates being cold.

This, Melissa, was your second clue.

After about half an hour he jumps down and I see him squat in the corner of the room. I stare at him…is he sitting or squatting?  He gets up, walks 10 feet and squats again.  And again. And again.

I am now out of my seat as I go into the cupboard to get a pair of gloves and paper towel.  Is this what I think it is?

Sadly, yes.  It is exactly what I think it is.  Simon has a Urinary infection.  We have done this twice before, I am no fool to the process.  He runs around peeing on nearly everything and we spend an easy 200 dollars on the vet to fix the problem and days cleaning up the mess.  I immediately take him into the downstairs bathroom. I am not doing the mess again with a baby arriving any moment.  I strip all the linens out of the room, place a clean, empty litter pan and his food and water in there with him. I am going to need a sample to prove to the vet that he is sick.  Again, I have been here before.

As I shut the door, he cries, sadly, knowing why he is locked in.  His belly must hurt, he must feel fevered but I cannot have my house covered in urine.  I feel sad as I dial the vet to book our 200 dollar appointment. Sad he is sick, sad this is what I will be doing this week aside from keeping Beta alive. 

That is the thing.  Beta is kicking in my belly. I should not be handling any animal excrement at all.  Matthew does all that animal care for me while we are expecting.  Now I have a locked up cat that I have to get a urinary sample out of, several spots to clean on the carpet and perhaps days of cat urine clean up ahead of me.

Oh. And I am 36+5 and attending hospital every second day.

This cat and I are not friends today.

Lady luck smiled on us and Matthew was able to be home in time to take him to the vet.  Apparently they did not like our urine sample and wanted to manually get one from him *insert laugh track*  Matthew said that they quickly returned with Simon and said that they were not able to. Go figure, the 13 pound Maine Coon didn’t want you to touch him where he hurts most. The vet loaded him up with antibiotics and a large dose of anti inflammatories. We now have 8 days of a special medicated diet to follow plus an additional month of monitoring.

Matt came home with a slightly extremely pissed off cat who quickly settled into a drug induced haze of happiness as he forgot the day.  We, unfortunately, could not forget the day and have spent the majority of the day saying, where is he? Has he peed? Is he squatting? 

Good news?  He held his urine for several hours and appears to be fast on the road to recovery. We are very lucky, we caught it early this time.  Our days of cat care should be reduced down to a more managable level.

Though that does not mean we are friends again.