The heart stopping, vomit inducing ultrasound technician

Well we made it to 35 weeks.

I keep staring down at my kicking baby bump in disbelief.  We are here.  I hope we can keep on a bit longer.

These next few weeks feel like a marathon.  We are just getting our stride and know the hardest, steepest climb is yet to come. We are already exhausted but know we have to keep on.  As I predicted we are going to be completely emotionally spent by the time this baby girl is born.  Nothing a years worth of preparation hasn’t readied me for.

Today’s check in at the doctors was positive.  Aside from this little conversation

Ultrasound Technician:  I need to stop now because the baby is not moving.

Me: Pardon???????

Ultrasound Technician: The baby isn’t moving.

Me:  Isn’t moving or isn’t ALIVE???? Is her heart beating?

Ultrasound Technician:  She is alive, she is just not kicking.  We need to get a certain number of kicks and movements and she is not moving.

Me: Well is she in distress?  Should we get the Dr?

Ultrasound Technician:  Oh, it is normal.

And this is the part where I pick my heart off of the floor, almost vomit and want to kick her as hard as I possibly can.  Who says that?  Next time I drink a giant glass of orange juice before going in for an ultrasound. All of my blood work has come back normal, baby girl is growing well and the doctor is very happy with our progress.  I was very glad Matt came with me, it was just the positive reinforcement we needed after yesterday. Another milestone down…only about 3 weeks worth of more to go.