The Dream on Russet: The Kitchen

I knew this would be the room everyone would want to see.

I would want to see it if it was one of my friends that built their dream home.
And this kitchen, in my humble opinion, it lives up to the hype.
I have looked forward to the day I can post about the kitchen on the blog.  I wanted to write this post before today but sadly, it was no possible until now because of one tiny hiccup.  The island counter top was back ordered.  Until yesterday afternoon, the gorgeous island had a lovely, ever chic, melamine counter top.  A bright white, clashing, counter top.  Not quite the dream I had hoped for.
When I found out it was back ordered I was less than impressed.  I was afraid, that once they had our money and we “closed” the house that they would have no motivation to live true to their word and deliver. Not that the builder has given me any reason to not believe.  Maybe it is that baby loss skepticism but I was very concerned that we would get the keys and this would get lost in the shuffle.  Matt assured me that it would be fine and that we had  back up available to us if they did not deliver.
And yesterday after a series of pesky emails and perhaps one instance where I went from mad, to hopping mad to tears it was delivered and installed.
I will not say it was worth the wait but the house surely was.
Matthew and I really struggled (firstworldproblem) in choosing between two different house designs.  We went back and forth, back and forth for probably two months.  It was the kitchen in this home that was the deciding factor.  In the other house design, the kitchen was VERY open concept.  I wanted a bit of a traditional feel.  The island was also not as useful as it contained the sink. It was this kitchen that sold us the Dream on Russet.
And I think you will see why. It is open concept but not.  And entirely livable in its design.  

Looking from Living Room

 The first door on the right is the walk in pantry.  The second door is the laundry which has the garage door and leads around back to the living room.

 I adore our dining light.  I wrote about it before.  Locally made, funky, different and a real eye catcher.

 I felt inspired to have the island feel like a giant piece of furniture in the room.

Looking from stove 

 The sink is a composite granite product.  It feels soft to the touch and cleaning it is a breeze! The window is an apron style, meaning it opens from the top swinging out from the bottom.   I am already dreaming of my basil plants sitting on the sill in the summer.

 Yes the pantry is a walk in.  Having a proper pantry ruins it for you to not have one again.

 One day we will put a deck off of the sliding glass door and be able to have both indoor and outdoor dining.

 From the living room looking into the kitchen.

Details: Island counter top

Details: Counter top and back splash

This was one of the more genius ideas our interior designer had.  To place the microwave low and in the island.  It is brilliant for me as I am short.  Often built in microwave shelves are placed high up and then I would be pulling hot liquid down on top of me.  Not exactly safety first.  This works really well for us.  The drawer below it I use for all of our baking sheets and cutting boards.  The easy touches are the most effective.