The bullseye

This entry is dedicated to all the American BLM’s who read my blog.

I went to Target today.

Target has come to Canada!

I think I like this store, Mama.
Lillian was a big girl and rode in the cart for the very first time.  Luckily Target’s carts are all plastic and softer than the metal variety.  I have her braced in with blankets so she can sit up and look around.  It was fun to chat with her as I shopped.
I will admit, not quite as good as Target in the states, you guys still have better prices.  And they are working on building up their inventory but I really could have used their clothing department when I was pregnant! Lily and I had fun, she smiled and giggled watching the people go by. I didn’t buy anything, just nice to window shop.  
I had one irked moment.  We were taking the elevator up to the second floor.  The store has only been open two days so it was busy and there was a line up.  We got on the elevator with two other couples one of which was an older couple.  Now, let us review the picture of Lillian above.  Powder blue onesie with chicky writing on it.  A bright purple snow suit, ruffle bummed (seriously so cute) pants and of course her pink stuffed toy that we call Sheepy.  We get on the elevator and the women of the older leans over, takes Lillian’s hand (we have been over how much I HATE people touching her hands) and says 
“What a cute little boy you have there!”
This is where I give her the Excuse me? face.
“Oh he is just so cute! Is he good for you?” while she continues to hold her hand.  
“Yes.  Very much so” I replied as I wheeled Lily out of the elevator and promptly applied hand sanitizer after holding Lily’s hand out of her mouth.  
Seriously? Touching baby’s hands when they are clearly teething?  Not cool.  And is that a boy outfit?  Do people just suck? I don’t know how people are dressing little boys nowadays but I didn’t think chicky lettering and ruffle bummed pants were really in style.  
Either way, my GIRL and I went home and she happily napped in the back seat.  Overall, successful trip out!