So many toilets: The Dream on Russet Tour begins

We have four toilets in the new house.

Yes.  4.

That is one more than we have living people in the house.  I know.  It is a little ridiculous. I am well aware I have to clean all of them.  And already have.  The basement bathroom I did not take pictures of.  It is a three piece with a shower.  The basement is a little chaotic at the moment so I will include it with my basement photos later on in our tour of the Dream on Russet. 

The downstairs powder room is in the hall that runs behind the kitchen.  It is painted a dark grey like the laundry room and has a vinyl floor.  I love the colour.  Obviously we are still in need of artwork and hand towels. 

Ugh. Hand towels. 

Our old home was so small we didn’t have space for hand towels.  Now I have 4 bathrooms and no hand towels.  So in case you were wondering about a housewarming gift…hand towels would be the best!

Simple and clean

The girls bathroom is too sweet.  I adore the mauve colour we chose and it conveniently matches a cross stitch a dear friend of mine made for Lillian.  I cannot wait to hang it.  Lillian loves her new bathroom and tub.  She is rather bath obsessed, a girl after my own heart.  When she discovers how awesome the ensuite bath is I may never get her out of it.  My plans for this room are to have it be mauve with green accents.  Her frog pod is the perfect green colour and it will be hung later this week when her new bath toys arrive (Another thanks to that same friend.  Thanks L!) The floor in here is vinyl as well.  We only have ceramic in the front hall.  Despite everyone’s love affair with it, I am not a fan of ceramics and find a good vinyl floor just as nice.  Come stand in my bathroom, you won’t know the difference!

Next door is a bungalow and with the height of the window, window coverings will not be necessary

A big focus of this house for us is the windows.  We want light IN.  Our last house was dark.  It was hard to get any natural light due to the design of the home itself.  This house is all about light.  Large windows, with proper placement so to not have to cover them with coverings at all.  The bathrooms reflect that as well even on a cloudy day you do not need lights on in our home.

And that leaves the ensuite.

The Ensuite is Matthew’s baby.  Don’t get me wrong, that tub is ALL MINE but it was his design and his obsession from day one to make it happen.  And he did.  Even when I said we couldn’t possibly afford it.  Even when I was almost terrified by how opulent and indulgent it felt.  This dream home had its humbling moments, I almost couldn’t believe I deserved such a nice space.  He made it happen, drug me kicking and screaming and I am grateful for it.  

View into the room

The shower. 

Gorgeous tiles

Dual head shower

 I was never a big fan of rain head showers.  I never saw what the big deal was all about.  Being a bath girl, I shower only when I do not have time to have a nice bath.  This shower, however, has converted me.  Matt chose the shower head system based off of ones he had used in Germany and loved.  I can say I love it now too! 

 Yes.  We have one sink.  It is a six foot counter and there is more than enough room for two sinks but that is just not our style.  I have no problem sharing a sink with Matt.  He is not a gross sink partner.  Further to, I love counter space.  And to fit two sinks on a six foot counter would mean very limited counter space.  So we kept with the one sink and have been very happy with it.  As well, we chose the backsplash based off our old bathroom on Pol Court.  Matt built the bathroom there and used this backsplash as an accent in the shower.  We loved it so much that we used it again here and I think it works perfectly. 

 The great light debate.  They installed our lights facing down.  I think they should face up.  Matt says they should face down.  Thoughts? 




 My tub.  Really it isn’t a tub, it is a swimming pool.  I cannot get over how BIG it is.  It feels like we are living the lap of luxury now.  I adore it. 

 Finally, the view from the bathroom window.  It will be graded and sodded to the black fence you see there.  Once the world thaws out from this long, hard winter.