Canadian’s are by nature obsessed with the weather.

Weather turns into small talk on steroids as it is impossible to talk to any cashier, gas attendant or waitress without the more than obligatory “quite the weather out there.”

That is what we call it, weather.  A universe word for all the plethora of conditions we have on a yearly basis.

It is even regional.  Everyone who gets more than one foot of snow secretly loathes and is jealous of Vancouver.  The Western provinces mock Ontario for not being able to “handle the cold” while Ontarioian’s shoot back that they have wind chill and moisture making -31 feel a lot colder than it would seem on a weather map.  Newfoundlander’s just think the rest of Canada are a bunch of wussies who wouldn’t know a real snow storm if it hit them with a shovel.

And no one, no one will ever let Toronto off the hook for calling in the Military to handle a couple centimeters of snow.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that this P.olar Vor.tex  has everyone’s skate laces in a knot.  Yet it is only the end of January and I am so exhausted of it already.  Not the snow but rather the weather obsession and concept that this is the most difficult winter we have ever seen. We are Canadian’s!  We pride ourselves with stories of digging down through the snow to find the tops of trees, of walking over the top of our back yard fence and enjoying the cold no matter what the weather.  This is not the worst winter we have had!  Far from it.

Look, I am exhausted of bundling Lillian up to go outside in the cold and am craving sun as much as the next person.  I am “over” winter already but I am focusing on what this cold winter will bring us.  Because I don’t know about you but I will never get a winter like this one back again…

And that makes it pretty damn special indeed!

(Dedicated to my two favourite Newfoundlander’s and their wee boy who I love and miss very much.)

Author: Melissa

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