Siblings are such fun: diner deluge

We went out for lunch at a diner in the city.  Half way through our meal sat down a beautiful couple at the next table over, think High School Prom King and Queen.  With them, their three beautiful babies ages 5, 3 and 2 months old.  Lillian waved and kicked her feet and they kindly waved back.  As Matthew got up to pay the bill I look up to see the Prom King smiling at me,

“How old is she?” he asks warming.

“15 months old.”

“Oh that is the best age! They are such fun at that age!”

I look over to see Lillian picking up her hat and mittens.  I placed them too close to her and now they were about to become winter-wear projectiles.

“Yes they are” I smiled warmly as I wrangled her hat out of her fisted hand.

“Just you wait til you have more. Siblings are lots of fun! They pick on each other and play together it is the best!”

I feel my throat catch and try to breathe.   It is Sunday morning I tell myself,  no need to wreck dreams Melissa.

“Sounds lovely.  What a beautiful family you have.  Enjoy your day.”

Siblings would be such fun.  Her big sister is turning 3 next month. Sigh.