Rules rules rules…

I cannot express the amount that my OB runs my life right now.  I have rules. So many, many rules.  I am not allowed to lift over 20 pounds, feet must be up 3 hours per day,attend the hospital at a moments notice, I must slow down but not become inactive, I cannot babysit on my own for extended periods, I am to  mediate and exercise every day and above all I must manage my stress levels.  Notice how many things contradict each other?  Yah, me too.  This is only scratching the surface of my restrictions, we continue to take them all in stride.

Another rule which is becoming more troublesome is I must avoid the heat.  I wish I had known this little gem of a rule was going to be around prior to me planning a fall baby.  Right now we are going through a large heat wave with temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius with humidity (104 F.) We are lucky to have air conditioning and I can keep myself indoors on the hottest times of the day.  I can see this becoming a drag as the summer wears on.  This summer stands to be uncharacteristically hot for our region and now I am stuck indoors.

Here is where I turn to you, fellow BLM’s, how do you keep cool in the hot weather?  What hobbies did you pick up while waiting for your little ones arrival?  Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.  There are only so many times I can waddle around the mall without drifting into madness.