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Living at the rental feels like we are in college.

Hear me out on this one.

1) We are in a small space, far too small for our needs really.

2)We have no money (ha ha) because we are rigorously saving everything we can for the dream on Russet.

3) We have hardly any commitments.  When you own a home there is always something broken or a project to do.  When you are renting there is no project.  You are paying for the joy of not having to fix anything.  Our time is our own and after years and years of toiling and working on the fix-it-up-so-we-can-hopefully-move- far-far-away house we are just not used to this much time with few commitments.It is bizarre.

4) Not having any money to do fun things with and nothing to commit that money to does mean you spend your evenings and time doing cheap, easy, fun things again.  We play cards, watch movies, read, write, sit and chat.

Or as in the case of last night try to find a way to have date night without the cost of a sitter and the fancy dinner out.

We have netfl.ix and decided to watch a movie in bed and I made nachos, homemade guacamole and all the fixings.   Of course we don’t have any fancy bed trays or even a way to eat dinner in front of the TV in the living room so we had to improvise.  Using leaves from the dining table we set up our own fancy spread and enjoyed a quiet night in.

It feels like the bachelor apartment again where the Christmas Tree was in the dining room/kitchen and the cat would hide in the bathtub to get away from me.  And fun for what it is. I am enjoying the simplicity of it.  

Author: Melissa

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