Random Monday Thoughts

  • Matthew just yesterday realized that Russet is a type of potato.  I may have howled with laughter.  And then fell down and laughed more.  And pointed at him and laughed.  And snickered when I took out potato’s for supper.
  • My uncle is coming for a visit today.  I am thrilled to see him.  I may have taken this as a great excuse to buy apple fritters from the local bakery.  Custard and apple cinnamon deep fried goodness… any excuse will do.
  • Matt and I were going to bed last night and thought we heard something outside. I opened the bedroom window and heard the sound of the frogs croaking back in the bush behind out house.  Matt said it sounds like camp (our family cottage.) He was beaming ear to ear.  Reason 943 I love living here.
  • I may be overly excited to try this curl loosening cream I bought.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the curls but taking the edge off of them is appealing from time to time.  It may be time for a small non-sponsored blogger review of the product.
  • Today is 25 degrees C and tomorrow it is supposed to snow (0 C).  Spring and I are no longer friends
  • I have contacts again and am loving wearing them. I didn’t realize how much my glasses bugged me. 
  • We are hosting 13+ friends over the Easter weekend.  Plus my sister and her family are visiting, and my other sister Jade and her family are visiting.  If anyone needs me I will be cleaning and cooking for the next week.
  • Lillian loves blueberries she calls every fruit a variation of blueberries.  Blue berries are “Bu-berries”, straw berries are “Stra-bu-berries”, banana’s are “ba-na-na-bu-berries.” It is adorable.  I should ask to her say orange!

Author: Melissa

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