Science and Sensibility

Last month I was honoured to be interviewed by Science and Sensibility.  Please take a moment and follow the link to check it out! ...Read More


Lillian was in the bath. Matt was washing her hair. I was doing what I do, laying out Lillian’s jammies, collecting her dollies to be in bed with her and putting away laundry from the day.  I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket ...Read More

The Exorcism of the Borje Ikea Chair

My arch nemesis lives in my home. The Borje Ikea dining chair. So comfortable, sleek, easy to wipe and small for narrow dining spaces. Seems perfect except for one large and crippling downfall. The ridiculous chair covers that will not wash well. We bought ...Read More

The Suckitude of February: Message Received

This month has been hard hitting and at times downright cruel. It is February.  It is to be expected.  Ava is five and she is not here.  As disappointment, heart break and earthshaking moment has gone through me time and again this month I ...Read More

Preeclampsia Foundation of Canada

I am delighted to announce that the Preeclampsia Foundation of Canada is now up and running. As a Canadian I have gotten very used to things only being available in the United States.  Whether that be a version of Amazon where anything can ...Read More

Birth and Beyond 2016

I have the esteemed pleasure of being asked to return to the Birth and Beyond Conference in October 2016.  I spoke at Birth and Beyond in 2013 and 2014 and each time left me changed as a person.  Birth and Beyond, in part, brought me ...Read More

The Fifth Christmas Eve

This year was our fifth Christmas without our eldest daughter.  Christmas serves as the wind up into grief season for us, with the familiar thoughts, memories, tastes and smells that bring back 5 years ago so potently. Some days are better than others over ...Read More

The year 2015

As I have the last number of years I am joining Brooke in completing a review of our year, questionnaire style. 1) What did you do in 2015 that you had not done before? Published my book, had a book launch, got a big ...Read More

Fall out before the let down

Every November it happens. I do not know if  this year I am keyed into it, aware of it and noticing or even looking for it but the fall out before the Christmas let down is palpable this year. November and early December have ...Read More