Our Wedding – A look back

Matthew and I were married on a beautiful, sunny June day in 2007.

It was, by far, the most joyous day of my life.  I have never written about it simply because there are no words that adequately describe the beauty of that day.   (All photos credit HRM Photography. Best photographers I know!)

We were married at a picturesque hotel in our city.  A castle facade with an urban feel, it was and is our place through and through. I have never felt joy like I did that day.  We had such a calm, a knowing that this was exactly where we wanted to be.  If I were granted one wish to relive a moment in my life it would be holding hands and saying our vows to each other, the moment was simply incredible.   I distinctly remember getting to the vows and remember thinking “slow down! slow down!” I knew the vows were the last step before we were pronounced married.  I wanted to savor in that moment together.  I wanted to freeze time and remember each and every thing about that moment.  The blue of his eyes, the tears in my mom’s and the love in the room.  I wanted to take a moment and look out on everyone that was there and be grateful for their presence. Some moments change your life and becoming a wife, changed mine.  

My cheeks hurt from smiling.

 Although I did not live at “home” I got ready that day with my two closest friends at my parents home.  I had a good friend do my hair, I did my makeup and I spent a quiet morning, listening to music and dancing.  There was such levity, even thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

My Matthew

My Dad giving me away

Saying our vows.  Married by one of our dearest friends.  He officiated Ava’s service and Lillian’s life celebration.

Stealing a quiet moment (and a kiss) after coming down the aisle

 After the ceremony we did photos in the downtown core.  Our photographer is incredible and found fantastic and creative places to capture the day with us and our wedding party.  There are too many little moments that stand out in my mind to write but by far one of my favourites was a quiet moment just between the two of us.  We were finished photos and went away to escape the hustle a while.  Both of us are introverts and we wanted a quiet moment with no one and no cameras around to just…be.  I was sitting on the middle of a bed (someone’s room, do not remember who’s) my layered chapel train surrounding me and Matt was sitting on the floor.  I remember laughing and laughing and I have no idea now as to what was so funny.  I remember seeing the tears of joy on his face and our quiet humility knowing our family and friends were waiting for us to celebrate…us.  That is it, just that alone… us.

Captured in the rearview mirror of a car downtown

One of my all time favourite photos.  I designed our bedroom around the colours in it.  

Our favors, designed by Matt.

 I know how cruel the universe is.  I know I may never get another day as happy that the day we were married or the day Lillian was born.  I used to resent the fact that we were that happy once but now I honor it.  I am grateful we had such a beautiful moment in time.  I know I will never feel that intensity of joy again, in feeling that complete (I will never be complete without Ava) I am so humbled that we did. I am so glad we had that day.  I pray Lillian knows that type of joy, be it on her wedding day or when she achieves her goals whatever they may be.

There are times when I do not know who I would be and where I would turn without Matt.  In grief I feel that way often.  Saying yes, was the smartest thing I have ever done.  I am one lucky girl.