Oh! Hi there!

I know, another large break in between postings.

Many things change, at such rapid pace, I cannot even begin to say how many times I think to myself “I should blog about that,” or “I need to write” and I do not do it.  So here is a rapid fire list of things that I know I need to story about and share.

  • I did an incredible talk with a health unit in a neighbouring county this last week.  I do not keep track of how many lectures I have given, hundreds I think by now but this time it felt new.  Perhaps being in a new space with new participants or maybe it was the enthusiasm in which my message was received.  Whatever it was, I want another hit of that again.  And has made me think more about the larger conference circuit.
  • Elgin Community Loss has changed from monthly meetings to an online space with membership initiating their own private meetings. It is working nicely and the online space is super accessible. I know I told myself I would go to a bereavement support meeting 100 times before I finally did. Online makes it easier for engagement which is nice.
  • We built a barnwood accent wall in the living room and I freaking love it.  I took pictures all through the process thinking, must blog, but here we are. Maybe that should be the next written project. I took the opportunity to get a new accent chair and revamp the space.  It will be 5 years this March since we moved into the Dream on Russet!
  • I am 5 courses out of 8 through my Masters Degree as we speak. Who is coming over to celebrate next fall?
  • I continue to be frustrated with the lack of engagement from local hospitals regarding looking at the patient experience. I do wonder if I can use my Masters research to further understanding in this area.
  • Grief season is beginning to close in, with Christmas around the corner. Every year I wonder, what will this season bring?

The more I write, the more I think of to share. I think it is time to crawl under my blanket scarf and get to writing but first, our girl requested a nacho and movie night… pass the guac!



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