Nursery Part 2

I have received multiple requests for a few more photos from the nursery.  So let’s start with the before pictures.

I never took pictures of the old office…ever.  It was a man cave filled with loads of stuff.  It was Matt’s work catch all… and it looked like it.  So to find “before” pictures I had to dig deep and find pictures from when we bought the house 5 years ago.   I took these photos on the day we did our house inspection prior to purchasing it.  The stuff in the room is obviously not ours, however the paint, carpet, trim and details are all the same as what the nursery was a mere month ago.  So here is to the ugliest thing I hope to ever post on this blog!  I must love you guys…

High gloss paint, varnished trim oooo so ugly

Our house is 40 years old and had very little done to it prior to the work we have done.  And we have done…a….lot…of work.

I have also had a few requests for a few more pictures of the tree on the wall.  I am so glad my sister talked me into buying the tree.  I called her, from the store unsure if I wanted to buy it or not.  In the typical fashion those conversations go down, “I don’t know, I like it but it is final sale, what if it isn’t the right size?…” “Buy it or you will regret it!”  Good call sis!


I had a good hospital day yesterday for the first time in weeks.  My blood pressure reading was normal and the doctor filling in for mine was an actual HUMAN.  Not just a talking head or ego who wants to work on my case but a human.  She took the time to answer my questions and to talk with me as an equal. She explained what the course of treatment would be if I developed Pre- E, what I need to be watching for.    She stated the office would call if I have GD they would call me by the end of the day today after receiving the results…so fingers crossed no phone call!  For the first time in a month I feel as if I have an idea as to what is going on with my health, my pregnancy and this little girl. I was so relieved leaving the hospital yesterday and I hope this continues into September.  I still feel as if the last few weeks have triggered my PTSD and I have an appointment to chat that through on Thursday.  Slowly getting back to my old self again after the long stressful month called August. Slowly…slowly…rebuilding me in preparation for 34 +6.