Monday Night Ramblings

I have been working on my presentation for Birth and Beyond and I can honestly say I am becoming more excited than nervous about this opportunity.

When I was first offered the opportunity to speak about HELLP, trauma, infant loss and grief I knew it was an honor.  A completely terrifying honor.  A completely terrifying and crazy honor.  So as the date approaches and as I have written, rewritten, redone and completely scrapped every revision that terror and craziness has begun to melt away.

Somehow with each new draft the I have begun to found my voice in talking about what happened to our family.  I am beginning to be able to say it tailored to each purpose, be that teaching regarding patients care or about allowing grief to flow.

On a completely different topic, is everyone on the planet sick with some sort of virus?  It is two steps off of Zombie land out there!  I have had this lingering, back of the throat, never quite going away bug for …what weeks? I have now upped the ante with probiotics, gut friendly foods and watching the inflammatory foods.  Enough already!  I give Lil probiotics each and every day with breakfast and I know it does help.  The only time in the last 6 months she was off of them was for four days at camp and she became sick on the way home.  Yup.  They work. I just hope they can hold through this horrid flu season.  I am already dreading it.  
I think Lil is ready to drop her morning nap.  She has begun sleeping in and not wanting to back down in the morning for a snooze.  I know a lot of people would protest me saying this but, I am almost looking forward to dropping the morning nap.  Our routine right now is a pain! I feel housebound until after that morning nap, which is getting later and later and might as well be in the afternoon.   I would love to get up and get ready, run errands, come home and make lunch and THEN its a couple hours of nap and quiet.  Maybe I am crazy and in a couple of weeks I will be writing about how much I want the morning nap back but for tomorrow we will try no morning nap and see where it gets us.