Living Now – The Great House Purchase of 2013

I have wanted to write this post for a very, very long time.

We are building a new house! Matthew and I have never thought we would BUILD a house but the right builder at the right time and most importantly the right lot, location and quality came open and we couldn’t resist it. We simply love this location.  It backs onto conserved green space, is steps from the best school in town and is private and lovely.  Sick and tired of living our life “when” we decided to jump in with both feet and build our dream NOW.   In February of this year we placed a deposit down on our soon to be home and quickly got to work readying our current home for sale.  We then had to sell our place, get financing for the new house, approve the contract for the new house all the while doing showings, book consults, Matthew’s new job… it has been busy!

Being that we financially could not afford to carry two homes at once we decided that we will be moving out of our current home and into a furnished rental home until the new home is built.  We are expecting to be in the rental for just over 4 months.  Most of our possessions in storage and simply saving as much as we can while designing and building the home of our dreams!

Today, naturally, after receiving final confirmation that the lot and home are ours we decided to have a small ground breaking ceremony.  My parents came out and took pictures of us on our new land.

Oma and Lillian

It is ours!

Where we will build our lovely home for four

Daddy’s girl.  He  loves the hard hat…a lot. 

Grief changes everything.  Everything about what you want for your life and where you see yourself going.  This is our attempt to LIVE NOW.  To give Lillian and ourselves the life we always wanted.  A picturesque, solid quality home for us to raise her in.  I cannot wait for March!