Kitchen, not quite, 2.0

The kitchen renos continue.  
Thursday Lillian and I packed the rest of the kitchen.  That meant she spent some serious time in her Beco.  She loved packing, as you can see.

 By the end of Thursday night the kitchen was completely emptied and Matt took down a few cupboards for fun.  The next morning my Dad came and helped move the appliances.  Then the real ripping began as Matt and his friend demolished everything.

One last picture on the cruddy old tile.  

 End of day one.  Matt is pulling 1000 nails out of the subfloor so he can lay down a new one.

Our helper

 Beginning of day 3.  Subfloor is laid, walls are patched  and boys are ready to paint.

And of course a picture of our girl in her Easter dress.  She spiked a fever and was a bit of a mess on Sunday.  We laid low and had extra cuddles.  Pink cheeked and fevered, teething is such fun!