In the Shade of Ava’s Tree: Launch

Today “In the Shade of Ava’s Tree” went to press.  Today our story was printed and my incredible publisher Praeclarus Press released a press statement of it’s release.

I knew something was up because my phone began buzzing like crazy.  I had just got home from work after a long day, Lillian was under foot and playing “picnic” while I attempted to cook dinner.  For those of you not familiar with game of picnic it is where your preschooler locates a fleece and preferably slippery-on-hardwood-floors blanket and then spreads it out right smack in the middle of your work space in the kitchen.  Then she brings over a bin of plastic picnic food including plates, bowls and cutlery and proceeds to set it up …right in the middle of things.  My role in the game of picnic is normally to make yummy noises and sit on said slippery blanket while she brings plates of food including such lovely combinations as a whole potato, cheese slice and grapes.

Today, however, I was not able to sit and enjoy with the dinner hour creeping and Matthew not yet home instead I stepped over and around picnic, trying to avoid falling on my head all the while listening to my phone going crazy on the kitchen counter.  A fervor reaching fever pitch of  friends, family, business partners all texting, tagging, poking and sharing the media release followed by the inevitable question,

“When can I get my copy?”

Well, the glue has not quite finished drying from today’s print lot but as soon as I have copy, you will.  Actually, as soon as my mother has a copy you will.  I would rather like to see you try and get a copy before her, I might actually get popcorn and a comfy chair to watch. The truth is, I do not know when copy will be available.  Keep an eye on the site and I promise the second I have copy it will be available to purchase through as well as Praeclarus Press.

This is all is so very surreal and lightening.  This two and a half year project is coming to fruition and I am so lightened to see it taking off and hear the interest in it.  I hope it is held in the space for which it was intended, that people are brave and courageous and let it in.  I hope that my intention shines through of my deep desire of wanting no other woman with HELLP to feel as alone as I did.  That there is a book for them too.

Most of all, I hope she proud.

Author: Melissa

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