In the Shade of Ava’s Tree has Arrived

A week ago today this happened,


I was home alone at the time when the knock I had been waiting for, perhaps for years, finally sounded at my door.  Alone I breathed in the moment just me and Ava and our book.  It was perfect.

(Well as perfect as it gets when the book you wrote about losing your daughter and you nearly dying arrives…) but I digress.

My life suddenly sprung into “can you sign this?” “when can I pick up a copy” “Can I have 3?” Ringing doorbells and busy phones, as I have watched it fly out our door.

And then there are moments like this,





where she gleefully ripped into the next shipment with us and then sat there, soaking them in with quiet contemplation.

It has been so very bittersweet.

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Author: Melissa

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