Good hospital day

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the hospital for the usual Thursday routine.  Blood work, ultrasound and Dr appointment.  I took my Mom with me and she was able to see an ultrasound for the very first time. My family got to hold, kiss, bathe and mourn Ava while I was in a coma.  I was subsequently introduced to my daughter 4 days later when I woke up…by my mother.  It has always felt wrong that I did not introduce Mom to her and that it was the other way around.  Yesterday felt like a righting of a wrong.   Seeing Beta through her eyes made my day.  She was amazed at how clearly you could see her and all of her little details. I could see her falling in love with our girl right in front of my eyes and it melted my heart.

Ultrasounds this far along are gob smacking.  I could see she has my baby toe but the rest of her toes are like her Dad.  I could see her breathing, sucking her fingers and took time to stare at her face with remarkable clarity.  I buoyed my heart for another week, giving me strength to keep up the faith that 34 weeks requires.

My blood work numbers are continuing to hold and I am feeling well.  No swelling, no high blood pressure, no protein in my urine.  I told my doctor I was shocked that I am still well, he says I should be excited…but I can’t feel that yet.  I am simply surprised.  We are 34 +1 and no sign of hellp.  I had signs by now last time and so far none.  Here is to four more weeks of holding our breath!