Fuel to the fire

I had the opportunity last week to teach Supporting the Bereaved to a college class.  I am fortunate enough that I teach this curriculum quite regularly, with my audience ranging from doula groups, health workers and quite commonly students.  I have walked away from teaching in recent years, if I am so honest, the politics of teaching sucks.

Yes. I said it.  The politics of teaching sucks a lot and walking away was preservation of my mind, heart and professional integrity in many ways.

It had been about 8 months since I stood in a college class and was able to teach.  8 months since I held that space and it was remarkable.

I had forgotten the rush; I always get this hit of adrenaline when I am sharing our story. This bit of cosmic energy of being able relate our experiences to those that may have the ability to impact change. The rush hit me just as I was beginning to talk about Leming’s Fear of Death Scale and building upon personal constructs of death, where I turned and saw fresh faces wanting to know how to live inside of their fear and still support the bereaved. It hit me again as I was able to say her name many times over in sharing our and her story. And once more with the quiet thanks of the students as we wrapped up questions.

It never gets old and I am not quite sure what I will do.  I know this is my heart space and I know this book is the backbone of it all.  I need to promote the book more; push into the conference circuit more.  This push and wave of energy came at the right time as I am 5 months from finishing my Masters.

5 months and I can reshift once more and focus on how my education can propel this work. Propel our story further.

I believe it is time to start a new goal list for when my Masters is complete; that includes more of those little hits, more educating and allowing for our story to be the starting place to end fear for those accompanying the dying.

Author: Melissa

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