For a Friend: Wayne Prevett

We were to meet at a coffee shop in the south end of the city.

Matt and I were young and newly engaged. I had my bridal organizer tucked under my arm with the information from our meeting. Both of us found ourselves nervous walking into meet him. He was to be a very important person in our wedding.
Neither Matt or I are religious. We have faith, some days more than others, however, for us getting married in a church was not a match. I had taken to the internet, as every affianced girl does in search of the “perfect” in this case, officiant. I came up empty handed. Frustrated I spoke with the coordinator for the hotel where we were to be married. With great enthusiasm and sparkle Carmi said “Wayne! Look up Wayne Prevett. Kettle Creek Weddings. He is THE best.”
We took an empty booth at the coffee shop, keeping our eye on the door waiting for “the best” Wayne Prevett to arrive. Little did we know he was one booth over meeting with another couple as we sat there, fidgeting and waiting.
Wayne turned out to be so much more than the best wedding officiant I had ever heard speak, he turned out to be a tremendous mentor, teacher and friend. Wayne married us on that warm June day with poise, charm and humour. With our 20 min meeting at the coffee shop and paperwork we submitted he managed to flawlessly know us, assess what we needed and what would be a perfect match for us in his role as officiant. Afterwards I was flooded with emails and compliments from our family and friends wanting to know just who married you? He was incredible! Was he a friend of yours?
Wayne: HRM Photography

Wayne and Carmi: HRM Photography

Vows: HRM Photograhy

Sand Ceremony: HRM Photography
But that is the thing about Wayne, his ability to chameleon into what you need. And he did so yet again when Ava died.

Ava had died and we were home for a week, maybe two with her ashes. Everyone kept asking us if we wanted a funeral. What are you going to do? Are you going to bury her ashes? Will you have a service? Concerned family and friends, eager to help with their eyes burrowing into ours searching for any indication as to what we wanted. I had no answer. Matt had no answer. We were adrift. Lost in a sea of grief. The only thing I could find the strength to say was,
“Wayne will know what to do.”
It was with that same poise that he came into our home, sat, held our hands and guided us through some of the darkest hours of our life. He helped us memorialize our daughter. It was his suggestion to have the tree… Ava’s Tree. It was our creation where and when but it was his urging to live and celebrate life with life that shaped our early grief. It was his wisdom and our good grace to listen to it.
Wayne and I

No matter where this life leads me the universe keeps bringing Wayne back into my life. I am very grateful for that. Wayne is now moving on from his officiant business and is a motivational speaker. Inspirational speaking really, as anyone who can attest to spending a few joyous moments with Wayne will say that you leave better than when you came. I could not be more proud and endorse his abilities any louder than to recommend him to my Mom when she required a Chaplain for her OMIA conferences this year. Wayne took the stage last week in front of nearly a thousand people as if he was in their living room. His theme of “the number one” has stuck with me ever since. It is gift to be able to reach people in the way that he does, to take life’s little moments and find our interconnectedness with humility and humour. I wish him every success in this new chapter to his career and I hope that my endorsements take him higher, further and can honour the tremendous role he has played in my life