DSC_0342-1“I just do not know what to say.”

“But you look great!”

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Losing Ava scarred me to my core, it devastated me, forever changed me and brought me to my knees. It became apparent in the early days of my grief journey that some of the greatest pain would be inflicted by the well-intentioned and loving people in my life simply trying to reconcile what had happened to me. And it isn’t really their fault, in our culture grief is not spoken about openly. Grief is uncomfortable, the gigantic elephant of pain in the room that everyone is tripping over to not inflict even more pain on the bereaved. As if that is possible.

I am committed to grief education, to opening this dialogue up, taking the walls down and seeing the stigma for what it is. Let us have a real conversation about what grief looks like and what we can do to better support families in their darkest hour.

I provide customized lectures on grief including Supporting the Bereaved and Navigating Pregnancy After Loss. Join the conversation.