Easter madness and toddler wrangling

Easter weekend has proven to consistently be one of our busiest of the year and this year was absolutely no exception.  Friday was a day at home to prep for the chaos that descended on Saturday with 10 of friends coming for the day.  Saturday is also our annual Easter Egg hunt on Russet Lane.  This year was the first that Lillian was into Easter and I absolutely loved it.  It drew a sharp contrast to the last four Easters and what we have been missing, this was the first one with joy and fun… and it felt nice.
The Easter Egg hunt on the street has all the neighbours decorating their lawns with 15 or so plastic eggs filled with treats and toys and after a commemorative photo the children and grandchildren are released to run and collect eggs.  Lillian is one of the smallest on the street and out of a pack of  kids was lucky to get 10 eggs as the big kids were far faster.  She shrieked and loved every single moment of it, running with her Aunts and Uncles, Uncle J snapping photos and Aunt T running down the street with her.  
Lillian and Aunt T finding eggs

 One of the highlights of Saturday for Matt and I was our friend J bringing his dog Koda for the day.  Koda is a 10 year old lab that is sweet and gentle as pie. Unless you introduce her to a stuffed bear, then she turns into a decapitating wolf that will conquer and pillage all in the name of dog superiority.  Koda coming for the day eased our griefy hearts and we may have snuggled up, fed her carrots and spoiled her rotten.

After everyone was gone for the day we got own to the work of setting up for the Easter bunny.  My Easter bunny tradition from childhood was getting up in the morning and running to find my Easter basket that was filled with the same sequence of goodies, something you needed, something you wanted, socks, barrettes and a chocolate bunny.  I have so many great memories from when I was a kid, running with my siblings and attempting to figure out where the Easter bunny hid our basket including the year he hid my brother’s basket in the freezer or on the curtain rod far above my vertically impaired head.

I had so much fun creating Lillian’s basket using the same equation, something you needed (backpack for potty training), something you want (Anna doll), socks, barrettes, a chocolate bunny and for extra fun a pinwheel.  Knowing that she would not know how to search out her basket I took the eggs from the hunt earlier in the day and created a pathway for her to follow from the stairs.

 Getting up Sunday morning I was most certainly more excited than her. As soon as she saw the egg trail her face lit up and she tried to pick up each and every one on the way to the basket, exclaiming “Oh no! I dropped it!” with each one that hit the floor.  Matt had to help her carry all of them over to basket and she dove in.  It was simple and sweet, nothing fancy or over the top but such fun.

Easter Sunday we were to go to my parents for brunch at 11.  All of the fuss the day before with our friends had Lillian feeling less than social and getting her dressed for the day was the equivalent of octopus wrestling.  I had picked out her Easter dress weeks before at Ol.d Nav.y and was so eager to see her all dressed in it to get the perfect picture snap.

 She had other ideas.

The only way I managed to get these photos was by letting her hold the hair brush and cheering her on like I was wielding pom poms.  

At my parents they organized an egg hunt for all the cousins. Of course it snowed the night before  because winter will never end, so we had an indoor egg hunt, brunch and lots of cousin cuddles.

The space between these two… belongs to her. 

 Monday meant more family fun with a big birthday celebration for one of the cousins.  By the time the weekend had come to a close I had eaten too much, talked too much, chased my toddler and begged her to let me savor the moment too much and was thoroughly done.

Easter 2015, farewell.