I have been having a hard time blogging this week.  I cannot even say why, I have no words for it.  Emotionally spent.

I then stumbled across Brooke’s blog.  She too, seems to be suffering from being unable to put pen to paper.  I loved her question and answers and decided to steal the idea! (Hope you do not mind Brooke!)

Current Book(s):  I am currently rereading the Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence.  I adore Margaret Laurence.  She is a Canadian author and her way to writing simply speaks to me.  It is an edible book, it reads like soul food. Her writing is captivating yet simple. I adore it.

Current Playlist: NPR whenever Matt is around.  My sister’s mix of songs she calls “Loud and Proud” which has all upbeat songs everything from to loud rock songs.  Music is a huge outlet for me and right now I need loud, upbeat, in your face and undeniably happy.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Giul.iana & B.i.ll episodes.  I am addicted to watching this couple going through their fight to have a family and to survive hardship. Matt groans and leaves the room each time I pull it up on the PVR…but I do not care.  It is reality, it is crap and it so deliciously distracting! Distraction + neurotic rainbow pregnancy = happy Mama.

Current Colour:  Purple

Current Drink: Water.  Oh lordy water.  I am so sick of water I feel like I could vomit.  Does anyone else struggle with what to drink while pregnant? I just give up and trying to make anything fun and just have water 99 percent of the time.  Everything has caffeine, chemicals, sweeteners, dyes, artificial flavours all of which I am convinced could be the one thing that could hurt this little person.  So I stick to the same 3 things, water, milk and OJ.  Oh so boring. Oh so bland.

Current Food: I am not eating at the moment.  Salads are a big favourite of mine right now.  Salads with any type of fruit.  This is an add trend as up until now this little tyrant only wanted sugar with a side of sugar.  Right now, salad, fruits, nuts.  Combine that with the water and you can see why I said my diet is just boring right now.

Current Favourite Show:  The Newsroom. Oh how I love Aaron Sor.kin.  Matt and I are avid West Wing fans (until Sorkin was removed from the show.)  We watched the first few seasons at the beginning of our relationship and it speaks to the beginning of “us.” Aaron Sor.kin now has a new show, the Newsroom.  We are only a few episodes in but I love it. Classic writing, very fast paced and fabulous story telling.

Current Wishlist:  Let us be honest.  A living child with a living Mama. Let us both live. On the light and fluffy side?  A nicer pair of slip on sandals.  I officially cannot reach my feet.  They have disappeared underneath the belly and reaching them is hopeless.  I only have flip flops and an old pair of slip on sandals, I would LOVE  a nice pair of slip ons that are good for my new waddling stature.  I have shoes I can wear when the weather turns cooler but I am thinking I will not make it through summer without another pair of slip on sandals.

Current Needs:  Time to slow down a little, people to expect less and a little more quiet. Maybe my need is for me to be a better advocate for myself?  That is probably the case.  I need to better advocate for myself. I also need chocolate but is that really a need? Wait, I am pregnant of course it is!

Current Triumphs:  The office is completely cleared out and Matt is painting the baby’s room!  I have worked tirelessly to clean out that room and have been putting each piece together.  I cannot wait to sit myself down in her room and just enjoy Beta’s space.  Just hers.  I cannot wait! I also cannot wait to post pictures of the finish product.

Current Bane of my Existence:  The fact it is only July and I would really love for it to be the end of September.  Come’on fall!

Current Celebrity Crush:  Jav.ier Bar.dem.  This may not be a current crush more like an ongoing crush.  Seriously.  Look at him.  Yes.  That is why.

Current Indulgence:  My new kitchen curtains.  Did I need them? No. But do I love them? Oh so much! I have hated my other ones for so very long and when I came across these a couple weeks ago it was love. Curtain love.  Okay, so they may have been over the typical curtain budget, but Beta’s curtains up the ante.  The curtains for Beta’s room are phenomenal and really…the kitchen curtains simply could not keep up any more.  Beta’s curtains shamed them…and now, oh they look so much better!

Current Slang/Saying:  “just saying.”  It fits onto the end of any sentence, particularity if it is snarky or perhaps out of line.   Aka, someone stumbles of their own feet in front of you…”Those are your feet…just saying.”  Also works with being sweet but the snarky is slightly more rewarding.

Current Outfit:  Pink cotton dress my sister gave me.  It is not a maternity dress but it doubles of one. Super comfy, super soft and it is George. I have one in purple too.  Makes pregnant ladies comfy.

Current Excitement:  Going to Niagara Falls tomorrow with a relative.  It is his first time going there.  I love Niagara Falls. It is kitschy, fun and always enjoyable to see for the first time through someone else’s eyes. I love going when people are seeing it for the first time.  It is an amazing place and I will always be on board if someone wants to go.

Current Blessing: The health of Beta and I.

Current Mood:  Quiet.  Yes it is a mood for all you extroverts out there.  A quiet mood tonight.

A special thanks to Brooke for leading the way!