Construction Process

I have not updated regarding the house build in some time.  Mostly because we have been standing in awe watching the house grow out of the ground.  Here are a few pictures to help you see what I mean.
Early December

 Here the foundation is poured and the walls are going up.  This was in the middle of a huge snow storm the weekend we got the Christmas tree.  We stopped by to check on the progress to find our first walls in the garage.

Matt was clearing off the snow to see they were in fact using screws to lay the subfloor with.  It never hurts to check in on your contractor, even though ours has proven to be amazing so far.

This next series was taken after Christmas.  Matthew is standing in the home, technically in our living room.  Those two windows you see are the living room window and the window in the dining room leading off to the right into the kitchen.

 Taken standing in the living room looking into the kitchen.  Large window on the left is a sliding glass door leading out onto the deck, the window you see is the square window that will be over my kitchen sink.

 Standing on the main floor looking up at the soon to be second floor.

Kitchen window

Living room window

I drove by the house today while doing errands and the second floor is completed and the roof is on.  I will take more pictures next time I am there and we will be scheduling a walk through where we can take pictures of everything before it is all closed in.  We are well on target for our March close date.