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Fuel to the fire

I had the opportunity last week to teach Supporting the Bereaved to a college class.  I am fortunate enough that I teach this curriculum quite regularly, with my audience ranging from doula groups, health workers and quite commonly students.  I have walked away from ...Read More

Oh! Hi there!

I know, another large break in between postings. Many things change, at such rapid pace, I cannot even begin to say how many times I think to myself “I should blog about that,” or “I need to write” and I do not do it.  ...Read More

Preeclampsia Foundation of Canada

It is impossible to describe how lonely it is after you are afflicted with a rare disorder .  Every person that wants to know your story requires a detailed explanation worthy of a medical professional.  People that did not know better treated me like ...Read More

Brought to you by Holding Space

I have a dear friend named Jackie. Jackie and I crossed paths years ago through mutual friends.  I remember going to a night out for Christmas drinks at my friend Jen’s house, one of our first evenings away from Lillian.  There was Jackie, with ...Read More

Finding space

It has been hard to find space here. I love to write.  And the fact I have not hit “publish” on any blogs in a long time does not mean I am not writing and loving the rhythm I find in this creation.  I ...Read More

A Sacred Journey

  I will be speaking at A Sacred Journey in Kitchener Ontario presenting Supporting the Bereaved in August.  Tickets are going fast so contact them today.  We will be sitting under a large magnolia tree and enjoying each others company as we talk about ...Read More

On Motherhood

I was asked to write a two paragraph reflection upon motherhood by my publisher. I wrote it a week ago and I find myself coming back to it and considering it time and time again.  Tweaking it, rewriting it and reconsidering the notion of ...Read More