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I have a dear friend named Jackie.

Jackie and I crossed paths years ago through mutual friends.  I remember going to a night out for Christmas drinks at my friend Jen’s house, one of our first evenings away from Lillian.  There was Jackie, with her baby belly, expecting a child and me, obsessively checking my phone wanting to know everything was okay back at home.

If I had known her story and if she had known mine our conversation would have been so much more than due dates and party shenanigans.  If we had known we would have been stolen into a corner talking about all the things.

It took a couple years for our paths to cross again and when they did she quickly became someone I am very grateful to have in my life.  All heart, wit and compassion Jackie is all the stuff.  She now owns her own business, Holding Space Doula Services recently approached me about doing a loss talk for professionals.  I have done many loss talks over the years but she was looking for specific education on supporting pregnancy after loss, supporting at risk pregnancies and full spectrum loss.  At first I suggested the two of us get together and I could cover what she was looking for and she suggested why not get a class together?

The next thing I knew, my inbox was filled with dates, locations, numbers and rates.  Did I mention that Jackie is a go getter?  As in graphic designing logos, writing up descriptions and organizing a fantastic evening in June for now what looks to be 15 of me and some of the finest doulas I know to hang out and talk loss.

So sign up!  Come join us.  It promises to be a fantastic, informative, raw evening with Jackie and yours truly.

Author: Melissa

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