Book Launch

All photos courtesy of Hartistree Photographics and the amazing Aroha!

The launch party for “In the Shade of Ava’s Tree” took place last month and I cannot say I have fully wrapped my head around it fully.  A beautiful evening, bittersweet and moving as so many of my people gathered together to celebrate incredible accomplishment of publishing the book.  I worked with the impeccable Blissful Bookings  after being referred to them by many friends as to Jennifer Eaves tasteful and thoughtful approach to event planning.  Jennifer and her team were fantastic and helped me create the vision I had in mind seamlessly.

Jennifer Eaves, Blissful Bookings

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It was Jennifer’s idea to have quotes from the book be framed and placed around the room.  It was such a lovely addition to the decor and it was nice to watch people take time reading them, tearfully or even with a smile.

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One of the only things I wanted from the launch was to have a gathering of all our people, all of those people that matter and made an impact and be able to celebrate with them.  The greatest surprise of all was having my friend J show up all the way from Minnesota to be with me.  The moments above were by far, one of the happiest and most lovely things anyone has ever done for me.  I am still blown away by that moments and so thankful for her and the other BLM’s V and LJ for making it all possible.

My badass BLM’s


Matthew was not thrilled when I asked him to get up and introduce me prior to my taking the stage.  He grumbled a lot and asked me to make notes for him, which I did, and he promptly ignored.  He was pretty stressed the day of the launch worried that about his introduction (seriously, the dude spoke for 3 mins before I spoke for 20) but in classic form, he rose so gracefully to the task.

My local tribe

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I was so touched by all those that came.  My skillful and dynamic OB Dr. N (embracing me above) that took such excellent care of me with Lillian.  My tribe of amazing loss women in the centre picture above, my midwives, my friends and family.



And somehow in it all, there was such joy.  As I took the stage to do my readings, signed books and received the most hugs I have ever received, there was Ava.  She was part of it all. Somehow there she was, in all of it.

That is what I am most grateful for of all.

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