Around the House

I love Brooke’s questionnaires.  I have taken up annually doing her Year in Review which I have found to be a wonderful look back and if I am perfectly honest, I do think about it as a motivator to keep me on track to my goals all year long.  Here is a silly quiz about “Around the House.”

Around the House

In my fridge you’ll always find:

Lillian’s probiotic, eggs, MacIntosh apples for impromptu baking

Favourite family recipe:

It is hard to pick a favourite! My mom is phenomenal cook and I have aspired to follow in her footsteps with using her recipes as much as I can. Beef Stroganoff, my Mom’s pastry or Shepherd’s Pie would be fairly high on my list.

Favourite Junk Food:

Chips and dip.  Plain chips with homemade dip.  Yum, Hence why we only permit ourselves to buy chips once a year.  If chips are in the house we both want to eat them NOW, so we have a once a year chip night to indulge without ruining our diet and our waistlines.

I will do anything to avoid:

Putting away laundry.  Doing the laundry is not so bad, even folding is rather relaxing but putting it away, UGH.  I have taken to a new habit to break my cycle of procrastination which is that I do not fold the laundry until I put it away. So I force myself to take clothes from the dryer straight upstairs and begin to fold AND put them away simultaneously.  Somehow having clothes sitting folded in a laundry bin does not bother me but unfolded ones cry for help and ask to be dealt with.  It does mean I have given the clothes an extra fluff a few times because I know I will have to deal with them straight out of the dryer so perhaps this is procrastination transferred.

My secret cleaning weapon is:

Windex.  Not the no name glass cleaner but the real stuff.  I readily admit I am slowly turning into the father from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” that believes most things can be fixed with Windex.  Not ailments (that is just wrong) but household cleaning Windex cures most things.  My stone counter top gleams with it is, my stovetop, if after scrubbing it, putting Windex on it makes it shine and look sparkly.  Being that our house is so new most things come out sparkling clean just with Windex and no harsher chemicals are needed.

I would like to second Brooke’s vinegar and water. That combination is all I use on any of my floors. It even works well as carpet cleaner.

Before company arrives I hide:

Kid toys and mail on the counter is “put away” on Matt’s desk downstairs.  I also have to sweep now.  One thing they do not tell you, when your dog dies your floors will become FILTHY overnight.  Charlie died and the next day I swept the floor three times.  Three times!  I had no idea his real name was Roomba. Now that Charlie is gone sweeping the floor happens twice a day, once mid day and once the ankle-biter is in bed.

I love to shop for:

Clothes for Lillian and art for our house.

I hate to shop for:

Again with Brooke, jeans for myself.  My friend C is the best jean shopper and I would rather go with her and have her pick them for me any day.

Bad habit:

Letting clutter build up in the mud room and not just putting it away.

I just learned:

That One Republic is the real deal! My friend J had two tickets for One Republic and asked me to come with her last night.  The song “Good Life” reminds me of Ava and I openly admit I bawled like a baby when they sang it.  The music industry can be disappointing at best, ignoring true talent and mass producing image instead.  When they took the stage and began to play my jaw dropped at their true musical talent.  Each member of the group playing multiple instruments and really honed at the craft.  If you get a chance to see them live, it is worth it.

Stuff I can’t live without:

Nivea face cream and children’s Advil.

Weird Housekeeping Compulsion:

Matthew would say my obsession with the linen cupboard.  I like my linen cupboard well organized. All the towels folded the same way, lined up by seam and sorted by colour.  All towels sorted by size and type as well.  A separate space for the guest room bedding and duvet covers from the master bedroom bedding and duvet covers.  Lillian’s shelf with her linens sorted by type and colour.

He might have a point.

On bed making:

I know I need to take care of myself more if I do not make our bed.  I have found if the bed is unmade it is because I am feeling frazzled, low or griefy.  It takes only a few seconds to make and when I do, I feel better for it.  If I do not it means it won’t make me feel better and I need to take care of myself more.  Bizarre yet true.

Personal motto or mantra:

Hey Kid, look what I can do.

I wish I could tell my younger self:

That I was always going to find my own way separate from the expectations of my family and that it would be for my greatest self.