Action Words

Life has been too serious lately.  It has been all work and no play in almost every aspect of my life. It is why I have not written in a while, I feel like I am in autopilot going through the motions.  Return to Zero, of which I will write a review, has generated a great deal of important conversation in the Baby Loss community and in my own groups.  That said, I need to take a step back from it a while and take a lighter outlook.  So I bring you Action Words (From Brooke).  I always adore her end of year wrap up so I thought in order to lighten things up this would be a great way to do it.

Making : A to do list for today. Things like, finish the current chapter in the book, call PAIL (Pregnancy and Infant Loss) regarding their recent email, follow up with the builder, walk the dog etc
Cooking : Something sweet  My sweet tooth is off the charts lately aka I must be stressed.  
Drinking : Coffee 
Wanting: Sod for our back yard.  We were supposed to get sod over two weeks ago but it will not stop raining.  As soon as it dries out enough it rains again.  Which is ironic as we will only be wishing for rain once it is here.  Therefore I think this just goes to show I am a true Canadian that is never fully satisfied with the weather, ever. 
Looking: For a front hall dresser.  Something different, a bit of a statement. And for a play set for Lillian…which can’t happen until we have SOD. 
Singing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Lillian’s current lullabye obsession.  She adore it and as soon as I finish she claps and says “Again! Again!” Last night I sang it three times instead of the choice of songs I sing, which was fine by me to see her so happy.  
Sewing: Ha! Nice joke.  As if that is a skill set I possess. 
Wishing: The words would come easier for this part of the book.
Enjoying: This Songza play list.  
Waiting: For more than I can say.  I have a lot of answers I am seeking currently, a lot of pans on the fire and waiting to see what happens next.  I have been feeling very unsettled lately and a great deal of it comes from the fact that I am simply waiting. 
Liking: This house more and more each day.  Although the construction stuff drives me insane I cannot escape how easy it is to live here.  Our life has a happy routine here.  A busy, happy routine.  
Wondering: About my friend Julie and thinking about her sweet boy, Bear.  
Loving: My incredibly hard working husband.  He has so much on his shoulders each and every day and does so with grace.  I love how his face lights up seeing Lillian and I at the end of the day and watching him keep his infinite patience, so much better than I, with our precocious and challenging toddler.  
Hoping: Ava sees.  Everything.  
Marvelling: At Lillian almost each and every day.  
Needing: Lillian to be well.  This latest bout of pneumonia (yes, again) has been very taxing. 
Smelling: Coffee 
Wearing: Jean capri’s, tank top and cardi.  
Reading: At the moment my book.  Editing, again and again, writing, rewriting.  And repeat. 
Noticing: How green the bush suddenly became behind the house recently.
Knowing: I am going to blink and Lillian’s 2nd birthday will be here.  
Thinking: Matthew and I should really do something for our anniversary this year.  Our last few years have been such a bust.  2012 I was pregnant with Lillian and we had a low key day.  Last year we were at the blog Mama’s weekend so our anniversary was just…skipped.  This year I would really like to do SOMETHING.  Dinner out? Nothing fancy.  Just something.  7 years together, 10 years dating is worth celebrating.  
Feeling: Unsettled.  It has been a theme lately. I am working on it.  
Bookmarking: Ideas for Lillian’s 2nd Birthday Party.  Last years was quite tiny, this year I almost want to go big.  Which I always swore I would not. 
Giggling: At the goofy little way Lillian says “upside-down.”  It comes out more like “Up-Id-DOOOWN.” It is one of her most favourite things to be turned upside down and tickled at the moment.  It usually prompts her to say, “Up-Id- DOOOOWN” and it melts my heart and makes me laugh each and every time.