About Us


Writer, blogger, educator, and foodie I hail from a small town in Ontario, Canada. Married my beloved Matthew in 2007 in what remains the best decision of my entire life. When I am not busy chasing our 5 year old, I am writing, teaching, blogging, cooking, working on my Master’s degree and obsessively decorating our dream home. I love a glass of shiraz, secretly bingeing on 90’s music, and my close knit tribe of┬áloss Mama’s that are my warriors and confidants when the pain of losing her gets beyond breathing.


The poor soul I tricked into marrying me, Matthew and I have been together over 13 years. Quiet spoken with the driest wit, Matthew plays his cards close to his chest. My best friend, the kindest and most patient of fathers, Matthew embodies loyalty. He loves watching baseball, craft beer and to this day describes the day he held our first born as the day he was “broken beyond measure.”


Our light after the dark, our rainbow, our second born girl Lily pad. Lillian was born after a healthy and uneventful, HELLP-free pregnancy in October 2012. She is our leap into the possibility of life after so much sorrow.