A simple day

Sometimes things can be simple. In a world of grief there is something refreshing about simple. 

This weekend was Matt and I’s 5th wedding anniversary.  I came home on friday to find these waiting for me…

2 dozen long stem purple roses

Yah, he brought it.

I must say, I was very impressed.  Mr. Matthew is not always the most romantic of souls (which is good because I am the sort of girl that considers him mowing the lawn for us romantic) it was nice to add a little “traditional romantic” into our lives. 

We sat up late on Friday night. I had been out with a friend and we had not had any time to chat about our day at all.  It was about 12:15 at night, and I am famished.  All the sudden it occurs to me wedding cake!

I had bought a top teir of a cake done in the same style as our wedding cake.  So at 12:20 at night on June 9th I surprised Matt with our our replica wedding cake …I think cake eaten at times of the day when you are not supposed to eat cake always tastes better.  The photo I took, for whatever reason turned out a little yellow.  The cake is a white cake with fuschia flowers.

Attempting to get the time on the clock  behind 12:20am

So we sat in bed, watching West Wing reruns eating our replica wedding cake.  It was  great start to our day.

Saturday we had all these grand plans. We thought we would go to an upscale restaurant, I bought a dress…there were plans.  I made a nice brunch and as we sat there together we both knew, oh let’s just stay in.  We cancelled our fancy plans, ordered in, worked on our basement renos and just let the day be.  It felt peaceful.  It felt unharried.  It was simple. I love that comfort that comes with being in a solid place in your relationship. It is not complacency, rather comfort. The sort of comfort that creeps into your bones and releases the stress and worry we all face.  It was a lovely simple day.