A shower for Amy

This month I had a great honour of hosting a baby shower for one of my dearest of friends.

I know baby showers are hard for us loss Mama’s.  Mine with Ava was one of the happiest days of my life.  And although two days later would the very worst imaginable… the joy I felt with her the day of my shower, that true joy,  I carry it with me.  Lillian was honoured by Jane in a High Tea that buoyed my heart and gave me strength through the final trimester.  
I wanted Amy’s shower to be simply elegant.  A gathering of her greatest females, her tribe, to celebrate her and this wee one.  
The theme from the start was easy.  Amy is having her second boy and I wanted the mix of elegance and “wee boy” to be seamless.  The front door decor is a Pintrest idea, spurred by Amy’s family portrait of her and her husband and son all in Super.man tshirts.  Obviously, there was a new super baby on the way.  

 I had a tonne of fun getting the flowers together. Thank you Cos.tco for a great selection of white flowers at a reasonable rate.  Add some lemons for colour and voila!

The mason jars were a labor of love.  Matthew created the stickers (yes Matt) after I may have had a falling out with the printer.  As in, I threatened to go “Office space” on it.  He perfectly matched the details both the invitations and the straws.  His attention to detail is nothing short of impressive sometimes.  After nearly two months of Mic.haels trips, Pintresting and re-conceptualizing they turned out perfectly.  Thank you Matt!  

 The full spread.  The cake, it’s true colour is seem in the picture below.  It photographed a little yellow…but it was pale blue.  Rufflles and delicate with buttercream lemon and raspberry filling.  Capo Foods Inc in London made the cake and it was divine.  They called me the morning of the shower worried that the buttercream would fall in the humidity of the day.  We changed the icing to whipped and kept the buttercream inside.  Yum.

 Fresh lemonade made with sparkling water, simple sugar and fresh squeezed lemon.

 I am not going to lie.  The food prep was slightly ridiculous.  I spent an entire week prepping on naps from cutting things up ahead and then a massive assembly the night before and morning of.  But I love the presentation of it all.  We had Tomato Mozarella bites, Veggie cups with Hummus dip, a fruit tray, meatballs, quiches, bacon wrapped asperagus, lemonade and cake.

This photo of Lillian may very well be my most favourite of all time.  It is so much…her.  Oh how I adore it.  

The day turned out beautifully from the food to the company.  I hope Amy carries it with her as I do Ava’s and Lillian’s.  I am so glad to have played a part for her.