A long stretch

The blog has been quiet.  No, I have not disappeared. In fact, I have not been anywhere but here…keeping us afloat.

Matthew works a great deal in the end of summer.  We made a bargain when he took this job and we knew the deal we were signing up for.  We get slammed with him working long weekends and 14 hour days for weeks on end in exchange for him no longer travelling to Europe and all over the states.  We just came off of 18 straight.  Yup,  18.  The poor guy was just exhausted.

And in that time I threw a shower, took care of our life here, all of Lillian’s needs and ran the house so that he could just focus on what he needed to.

But damn.  I am tired, too.

So what did I get up to? I wrote.  A lot.  I took all of Lillian’s baby clothes out of boxes and storage and decided to flat pack them.  First I sorted them by size and then got work.  It took me a couple days of naps to do it but now they are all done.  I could not part with them, the very idea made my heart race.  So instead, cleaned and flat packed away for a while and I will figure out what to do …when I am ready.

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 Lillian holding her first ever outfit.  A little sleep bag.  How much girl has grown.

All the clothes sorted by size in piles.  This picture does not do the piles justice.  There is an obscene amount of clothing I packed away… I swear most of them are handmedowns.  

 Vacuumed flat packed.

I also created a family photo wall and hung it up (pictures to come.)  And oh yah, kept a toddler fed and happy.  There were some very long days.  Long days where my brain was just, fried.  Case and point?  The below picture.

After I put Lillian in bed one day I went to do the dishes and saw the above.   So here is what probably happened, I had her hairbrush in one hand and something that belonged in the sink in the other… and put the wrong one in its place.  The sheer blurriness of long days with a toddler meant I think my brain took a vacation.  All I can say is, I didn’t find anything weird in the drawer where her brush belongs.
So … yah.
Insanity and parenthood really are not that far apart.  
Matthew is back to “normal” hours though as I write that it occurs to me there is a weekend later in September where he is working yet.  But the worst of him being gone is done for the year.
And for that we are all relieved.