2 day parole

Back to the hospital we went this morning.  We are now being monitored every other day.  Today we woke up bright and early and went off to the hospital coffees in hand.  We were admitted to triage and after the typical one hour wait were hooked up the non stress test and began blood pressure monitoring.

Wee girl passed the non stress test in 20 mins.  Matt had never seen one before and quite enjoyed taking the time to talk to her and see her reactions.  It was so nice to have him with me at the hospital, it makes such a difference to the stress I feel.  We sat, hand in hand talking to our girl.  It was as nice as the hospital could be for us right now.  My blood pressure readings were normal (duh) and we were sent on our way.  We have been granted 2 more days of freedom and I go back to see my Dr on Monday.

We are 36+2.  So close.  Hang in there Beta, Mama is doing everything she can to get you here safely.